From your first experience of Nirinjan Kaur’s voice, you are hooked. There is an indelible pull to the sacred that travels through her sound current and carries you into the devotional space that is the signature of every note of Nirinjan’s music.

Nirinjan herself was born into this sacred musical space, having been born into a family of Kundalini yogis, her parents were not only devoted teachers, but also steeped in the practice of sacred music. Her mother, Guru Raj Kaur, is a well-known musician, and her father, Hari Singh, is an award-winning music producer.

Nirinjan began formally studying both Eastern and Western music at a very young age, learning piano at the age of 7 and studying Gurbani Kirtan with her mother even before that. But to her, this was just one of things she did between climbing trees and wandering through the worlds of her imagination with her childhood friends. She grew up loving music like a member of her family. She can remember the feel of joy and connection while belting out her favorite song in the car on her way to school. At that time, the music was less of a skill to be learned for her, but more of a beloved way of being moved by the spirit, a way of experiencing life more deeply. It was often also a sweet comfort, listening to mantras and feeling cozy and held.