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The GuruGanesha Band

GuruGanesha Band

The GuruGanesha Band is the latest project from the mind, heart and guitarof world devotional music pioneer GuruGanesha Singh. Renowned for hiswork with sublime vocalists like Snatam Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur and Tina Malia,GuruGanesha steps into the limelight with his latest musical venture, a multitalentedensemble culled from the A-list of players and singers on today’srapidly-expanding kirtan/chant/yoga music scene.

Long noted for the effortless grace and mellifluous lyricism of his acousticguitar work, GuruGanesha has turned his talents to his first love, theelectric guitar, to ignite the incandescent sound of the GuruGanesha Band.With shimmering, glassy tonalities and evocative textures, he takes thevast sonic potential of modern guitar electronics to a new and blissfulplace. Accompanying him on this musical journey are master cellist/multiinstrumentalistHans Christian (RASA, Krishna Das, Robbie Robertson, HarryManx, Jai Uttal and Donna De Lory), beguiling and unforgettable newcomerPaloma Devi on vocals, Spirit Voyage recording artist/ kundalini yoga teacherSat Kartar Singh on acoustic guitar, and kundalini bass guitar magicianGurusangat Singh (recording artist and producer of the popular MiracleMantra Series), and world music multi-percussionist Tripp Dudley on drumkit, tabla, and cajon.

“This is a project that I’ve had in my heart for many years,” says GuruGanesha.”The idea behind the GuruGanesha Band is to bring to the world music scenea group that can musically hold its own with the great guitar bands of alltime, but instead of conventional lyrics, singing mantras and divine poetryto transport audiences to a profoundly beautiful and transcendent place. Allof the spiritual and musical work I’ve done for the past 39 years has beenpreparing me for this.”

GuruGanesha describes the GGB sound as “a unique blend of kirtan, raga,rock, and deeply meditative folk music. I will primarily be playing electricguitar and I’ve hand-picked the musicians not only for their musical virtuositybut also for their ability to channel the spiritual energy that the band will beserving. The vocals will be a group effort with plenty of rich two and three partharmonies though Paloma Devi will regularly step out and blow people awaywith her amazing vocal improvisations. The audience will be encouraged tofully participate, whether it be singing along, dancing or just meditating deeplyon the music.” World devotional music pioneer, Spirit Voyage Records founder, distinctive guitar stylist, songwriter, singer, producer, entrepreneur, accomplished yogi and lifelong spiritual practitioner, GuruGanesha is a man of many talents. His most recent project is the GuruGanesha Band, an adventurous ensemble of mantra music all-stars born of GuruGanesha’s longstanding wish to combine the profound spirituality of mantra music with the visceral excitement of a great guitar-driven band. The GuruGanesha Band’s debut album A Thousand Suns takes world devotional music to visionary new realms of musical innovation with an inspiring fusion of kirtan, rock, raga, folk, blues and Latin sounds that has left audiences from coast to coast dripping with bliss and ecstatic joy.

GuruGanesha Singh


The GuruGanesha Band is just one of many high points in a career that has spanned several decades, bringing joy and inspiration to music lovers all around the world. GuruGanesha’s shimmering, incandescent guitar work and creative vision were instrumental in launching the career of Snatam Kaur, with whom he has recorded and performed extensively. His rich career path has also embraced collaborations with Seal, Tina Malia, Nirinjan Kaur, Thomas Barquee and Jai Jagdeesh. The deep catalog of GuruGanesha’s solo recordings includes A Game of Chants, Pure Ganesh, Grateful Ganesh and his most recent CD, Kundalini Surjhee.

GuruGanesha is one of those rare individuals who combine the heart and soul of an artist with the clear, quick mind of a businessman and the easygoing warmth of a born raconteur. His immense contribution to the yoga and conscious music movement is one of the genre’s most radiant jewels.