Missa by Thomas Barquee

This is an ambitious but closely held group of songs that span the borders between sacred chant music and world music excursions. While the voice remains the core sound, in its infinitely appealing forms and variations, the surrounding ensemble of instruments and rhythms provide a living backdrop of emphasis, inspiration, emotion and beautifully achieved conception.

I thoroughly enjoyed Barquee`s previous “Temple,” which was ranked quite high on our Best of the Year list, and which we still carry, but “Missa” seems to reach a place even deeper and more expansive. The impassioned songs touch the core of spiritual yearning and liberation, without forsaking the path and journey that is necessary to truly take one there. In combining excerpts from the Roman Catholic mass with ancient chants/mantras and Indian elements amongst the world music flavors, this is truly a global statement, from the inside out… – Lloyd Barde of Backroads Music

This album will be especially interesting to anybody who liked the soundtrack to The Passion of the Christ. Haunting, spiritual and very moving.– MM, Springfield, VA


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