Seasons of the Soul by Snatam Kaur

Hearing of Thee, my body and mind blossom
I contemplate the Name of my Beloved.

On Prabhu Nam Kaur`s second release, Seasons of the Soul, there is a sacred wisdom that is transmuted to the listener with every note. Gentle yet powerful, Prabhu Nam Kaur`s voice cradles you like the arms of the divine mother, creating a sense of complete safety and harmony as you are wrapped in the beauty of the music.

On this album, Prabhu Nam Kaur is accompanied by her daughter, Snatam Kaur`s sweet harmonies as well as spanish guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, clarinet, viola, harmonium, tablas, mandolin, flutes, bass and gentle keyboards.

Prabhu Nam Kaur: lead vocals, harmonium
Snatam Kaur: vocals
Narayan Hargobind Singh Khalsa: bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, nylon string guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, infinite bell
Ram Dass Khalsa : vocals, acoustic guitar, clarinet, nylon string guitar, 12 string guitar, harmonium, piano, shaker
Manish Vyas : tabla, vocals
Ramesh Kannan: tabla
Amar Khalsa : alto flute, soprano flute
Sahib-Amar Khalsa : viola
Producer: Ram Dass Khalsa

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