Meditation for Transformation: Restoring Your Personal Power by Nirinjan KaurRam Dass

Nirinjan Kaur’s first Meditation for Transformation project, “Restore Your Personal Power,” leads you through 4 powerful Kundalini yoga meditations for healing, transformation and courage. Her angelic vocals and quiet strength opens a sacred space for your spiritual practice.

With the mantra Har Har Waheguru, float into Tershula Kriya, a powerful meditation for creating deep self-healing and correcting imbalances in the nervous system that cause self-destructing behaviors. Chattr Chakkr Vartee, a mantra of courage and strength, will carry you through Chakkr Chalunee Kriya which was said by Yogi Bhajan to be the “most sacred and secret kriya in all of yoga.” The Meditation Into Being uses the powerful affirmation “I Am, I Am”, the two most powerful words in the English language. This meditation deepens your understanding of your true nature and your Infinite Self. Nirinjan’s soothing vocals will melt your heart and soothe your spirit. The Adi Shakti meditation releases insecurities, restores your creative power, and brings the positive, negative and neutral minds into balance.

Taken as a complete journey, these meditations will heal and empower you, strengthen and support you through the challenges of your life. Nirinjan Kaur is joined by Ram Dass Khalsa on guitar and Matthew Schoening on cello.

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