From Within by Nirinjan KaurRam Dass

On Nirinjan Kaur`s newest release From Within, she has undertaken an ambitious goal of merging the sacred mantras and smoky vocals she is most loved for with the master musicianship of Matthew Schoening`s indelible cello and Ram Dass` vocals, gentle guitar and dancing clarinet. With mantras and shabds from the Sikh and Kundalini Yoga traditions, Nirinjan co-wrote the melodies with this new trio, taking the music to a profound and unparalleled depth of experience. All three musicians have been trained from childhood in their art. Nirinjan in classical Indian raag, the music of the North Indian plains. Matthew on the cello which he has transformed with his signature use of live looping. And Ram Dass who was a child-prodigy multi-instrumentalist. This album represents the rich sound of this trio`s live performances in which you are transported to a place of complete stillness where you can experience the mystery and wisdom held within each musical note and each mystical mantra.

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