The Heart of Healing by Mirabai Ceiba

Two meditations with instructions for bringing healing to your entire lineage, from your ancestors to your future. Ardas Bhaee to heal your Karma and your lineage and learn to walk the distance in gratitude to heal your destiny. Guru Guru Wahe Guru Ram Das Guru to show reverence and blessings to your ancestors and heal your lineage. 

The `Meditations for Transformation` series is a beautiful offering to the yoga community.  Each CD contains 2 31-minute meditations.  Within the packaging is a detailed description of the mudra to use in practicing the meditation accompanied by details of the benefits of doing the meditations.  

The basic guideline for these meditations is to try them out for at least 40 days.  According to Yogi Bhajan, in 40 days you will break a bad habit, in 90 days you will create a new positive habit, and by 1000 days you will experience mastery.  Create a sacred space in your home where you can practice on or both of these meditations.


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