A Hundred Blessings by Mirabai Ceiba

Spirit Voyage is overjoyed to announce the release of Mirabai Ceiba’s newest album A Hundred Blessings. Their artistry flows through this album on a wind of rich creativity, musical depth and sacred spirit. With a beautiful blend of mantras and songs, this album includes the prayers and mantras of Guru Nanak and Yogi Bhajan blended with the poetry of Rumi, Thich Nhat Hanh and Mirabai Ceiba’s own gentle poems.

Angelika’s harp and piano and Markus` guitars are the musical foundation supporting the intimate marriage of their voices on this album. They are joined by the masterful cello of Cameron Stone, the eclectic and irresistible percussion of Benjamin Wittman, the amazing tablas of Arjuna Alan Bruggeman, the ney and recorders of Daphna Mor and the absolute musical wizardry of Jamshied Sharifi on piano, pump organ, bass, accordion and electric guitar.

From Spirit Voyage Records:
This album marks an artistic leap for Mirabai Ceiba. When they approached we first discussed this album, they were driven by a great wish to create an album that would capture the essence and spark of their live performances. They had also been devoted fans of producer Jamshied Sharifi’s work for years and had wanted to find some way to work with him. As a record label, it was a deeply fulfilling process to be able to connect Mirabai Ceiba’s hopes with the masterful artistry of Jamshied’s creativity. They found an incredible studio called the Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, New York where they were able to play with an accomplished team of technicians and musicians all pulled together by Jamshied Sharifi.

In Markus’ and Angelika’s Words:
“A Hundred Blessings has been another incredible process of deepening our creative relationship with the sound current of Gurmukhi mantras and spiritual poetry. We pray that the music can serve those sacred words to reconnect us to the universal soul and awaken our hearts to the source of love, endless blessings and happiness which dwell within all of us. The process of recording and creating came along with Angelika’s second pregnancy. Being pregnant is like reestablishing the spiritual links to Mother Earth and the creation of life which we found to be an immense inspiration.” – Markus and Angelika

Produced by Jamshied Sharifi

Mirabai Ceiba are:
Angelika Baumbach (Sat Hari Kaur): vocals, harp, piano
Markus Sieber (Harimandir Singh): vocals, guitars

Benjamin Wittman: percussion
Cameron Stone: cello
Daphna Mor: recorders and ney
Arjuna Alan Bruggeman: tabla
Jamshied Sharifi: piano, pump organ, bass, accordion, electric guitar
Background Vocals on “Aadays Tisai Aadays” and “Prithvi Hai”: Oona Cheyenne Brose, Layla Sakamoto Sharifi


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