Longing by krishna kaur

Join Krishna Kaur on this sacred prayer of longing. Produced by Thomas Barquee, this second solo album is a soul-stirring mixture of mantra, devotional poetry, R&B, and jazz. Krishna’s power, passion, and devotion deepens with each track, where she is accompanied by C.C. White and Lina Wade on vocals, as well as saxophone, guitars, keyboards, percussion, and flute.


This album embraces listeners with Krishna’s huge heart and moving, uplifting energy. Dedicated, by Krishna, to the many teenage women and men in under-resourced communities throughout the world, Longing is a powerful message of love, peace, gratitude, and courage – inviting everyone to experience the joyful and soothing space of stillness within.


The sale of this album will support Krishna Kaur’s Y.O.G.A for Youth Program – Empowering Teen Mothers.


Y.O.G.A. for Youth’s program – Empowering Teen Mothers – is dedicated to providing urban youth with tools for self-discovery that foster hope, discipline, and respect for themselves, others and their community. This program began at the Thomas Riley High School – an alternative continuous enrollment school within the Los Angeles Unified School District dedicated solely to educating pregnant and parenting teenage women, and now we hope to expand this effort nationally.

Y.O.G.A. for Youth has served over 300 young women at Thomas Riley since 2011.

The Thomas Riley School is an Options School, which means that the students choose to come to the school from their home/traditional High Schools.  The school’s focus is pregnant and parenting teen mothers.  Due to a myriad of societal and economic issues, their students are among the top 1% in the Nation in danger of failing, so the staff is extremely committed to providing them with as many resources, both academic and otherwise, possible to ensure that they overcome the odds. The students are very determined to succeed and desperately want to acquire the skills necessary to be productive parents, positive role models and successful women in life.

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