The Journey Home by Gurunam Singh

Gurunam Singh’s debut album that will flow through you with such warmth and fullness, you will feel deeply comforted by its rich textures, talented instrumentation, and the deep, fluid timber of Gurunam’s voice. These chants are sure to quickly become your favorites! The music evokes Americana sensibilities woven together with traditional Indian instruments, creating a warmth of sound that is inviting and entrancing. Producer Hans Christian expertly fused the sounds of harmonium, bass, cello, sarod, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, dumbek, tablas, djun djun drum and frame drum.

Gurunam has harnessed the musical devotion that has built in his music over the last 15 years. You will hear flavors of Krishna Das and James Taylor in the deep, smooth textures of Gurunam’s voice. His compositions were written in the framework of his yogic lifestyle and are ideal to chant along with.

Each track has a unique flavor, and yet they seamlessly flow from one to another to create an album that is great for yoga or meditation. This album also makes you want to jump in your car, turn up the volume, and find a long country road to drive peacefully down.

On the track Dukh Par Har, you will hear an amazing call and response between Yogi Bhajan and Gurunam. Yogi Bhajan’s chant was taken from a lecture he gave to his students and his voice was mixed in with this composition to stunning effect.


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