Power Mantras by GuruGanesha Singh

Mul Mantra
The Mul Mantra contains the root sounds of all effective mantras. Chanting this mantra (aloud, in a whisper, or mentally), will deliver us to the core of our being. Just listen or chant along. This technique is called Sahej Sukh Dhyan (sahej-happy & easy, sukh-comfortable, dhyan-depths of meditation) which is an easy and comfortable way to meditate. Ek Ong Kar-one creator created all, everything is connected to the collective. Sat Nam-our identity is truth itself. Karta Purkh-the divine collective does all, not our ego. Nirbhao-fearlessness is the premier quality of spirit, having a human experience. Nirvair-release all blame and accept responsibility for all our experiences. Akal Moorat-I am timeless and immortal. Ajoonee-there is no life or death. I am infinite. Saibhung-we are whole and complete in our own individual spirit, within the collective infinite spirit. Gurprasad-all of this is grace (blessings of the infinite), it comes as easy as breathing. Jap-chant and repeat continuously. Ad Sach-truth is primal. Jugad Sach-the truth is in everything in the world. Haibhee Sach-truth is now, in the present pulse of existence. Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach-The Gurus and Masters know that this has always been true.

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