Kundalini Remix: Yoga Mantras Revisited by GuruGanesha SinghGurunam SinghMirabai CeibaNirinjan KaurSnatam KaurThomas Barquee

Kundalini Remix reveals a divine convergence. Leave your separateness behind. In these sacred rhythms, you will discover that we are all one. See you in the temples. See you on the dance floor.

The DJs on Kundalini Remix have been charged with a sacred task: go into the cave, get the mantra, mix it with your essence and return it to the people. This is the modern-day hero’s journey in musical form. Listen. Go deep. Find the truth. Lean into it. The power of the warrior-saint archetype is alive and well in these rhythms. Devotional Electronic Music: The ultimate blend of sacred and worldly. It takes everything into consideration and carries us into a new space of hope, divinity, and boundless energy.

The DJs who worked on this album:

Cheb i Sabbah was born in Algeria of Berber (Amazigh) descent and moved to Paris as a teenager and became a DJ by chance. By the late 1980s, residing in San Francisco, he was internationally pushing boundaries on the dance floor, seeking ways to infuse Asian, Arabic and African sounds into the mix. Then as the “world music” movement unfolded, Cheb i Sabbah took the inspired step of recording traditional and classical musicians from India, Pakistan and Africa, effectively transforming those compositions into sonic landscapes, thus creating a new style of electronic music “composed” by a DJ.

With seven landmark recordings on the Six Degrees Records label, Sabbah remains a DJ at heart, but he is also something more. “As a DJ you have ears,” says Sabbah, “this is my instrument, you know what you want to hear on the dance floor or in producing music.”

An innovator in one of the most contemporary musical realms, he is clearly committed to creating new forms. “But at the same time,” says Sabbah, “the most important focus for me is to keep the musical tradition alive. For example, folk, trance and healing musicians are struggling to make a living and teach the young generations. Once those musicians go, it`s over, then what?”
As an “Outernational” DJ to defender of ancient traditions, Sabbah is a true musical iconoclast and visionary in the electronica scene.

From the crowded confines of nightclubs to major festivals, Cheb i Sabbah enjoys a worldwide reputation as a magician of the dance floor. On stage he often spins accompanied by live musicians, dancers and massive projected visuals, interwoven and juxtaposed as the spirit moves him.

Desert Dwellers has its roots in the dance collective known as Moontribe, and tribal-electronic rituals deep within the vast expanse of the Southwest deserts. A longtime musical collaboration between Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe, Desert Dwellers formed as a ‘virtual band’, using the web as a collaborative space in which albums are produced that blend the modern edge of electronica with the ancient sounds of cultures past. Desert Dwellers has grown from its duo based roots to include the production work of Rara Avis, and many amazing collaborations with vocalists and instrumentalists from all over the world; this has led to the prolific production of many genre-blending uptempo and downtempo grooves that make for truly memorable experiences. Skillfully blending deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and culture-crossing instrumentation into a sonic incense for mind and body, Desert Dwellers offers a spellbinding hybrid with echoes of our tribal past and future.

Drumspyder: DEDICATED TO THE DRUM – The rhythms and tonalities of the Mediterranean are the center of Drumspyder`s sound, but melodic flavors from India and Afro-Latin syncopations are also heard in this unique excursion through global rhythms. The beats & bass foundation ranges from slinky downtempo to electro house, with influences from tribal house, tropical bass, and dub. Original tracks, beats, samples and bass collide in novel ways for each set, and the whole is ignited by live Arabic percussion (doumbek, riqq, and tar) played with consummate skill.

Hailing from San Francisco`s vibrant dance and indie-circus scene, Scott Sterling was percussionist and composer for the innovative AWD and Xeno ensembles before he took up Arabic percussion and collaborated with dancer Kristina Cañizares as music director of the Nekyia. Together they created a sensual fusion of bellydance with latin, jazz, and burlesque influences. Since 2009 he has struck out on his own to create his distinctive brand of percussion-centered Mediterranean fusion.

His tracks and remixes have since appeared on Dakini, Wonderwheel, Desert Trax, Caravan, Water Music and Six Degrees, as well as numerous bellydance DVDs. As percussionist and remixer he has collaborated with some of the most notable figures in global dance fusion, including Nickodemus, the Spy from Cairo, Makyo, Jef Stott, and David Starfire. In addition he has served as music director for two of the highly acclaimed Oakland Crucible theater productions.

DJ Sharu is a multidimensional DJ / Producer / Musician, Healer, and Yoga and Meditation Teacher. While Dj`ing in the Los Angeles underground, Sharu had a spiritual awakening. The music that he was playing no longer resonated with the higher vibration and sensitivity that he had experienced. At that point, he stopped DJ`ing full time and began his path of self inquiry and esoteric studies. After a few years of intense searching and studying he finally found something that clicked in a cave dwelling at the Tree of Life in Costa Rica….Kundalin Yoga and Meditation. He totally dedicated himself to the practice living in an ashram for 2 years….but something was calling his name the whole time. He would listen to the Mantras of Kundalini Yoga while practicing and teaching and he would hear the perfect dance beat that would go with it. Slowly and mindfully, he began to do what DJs do best; mix the two together. Combining sacred sound current (Naad) and modern dance beats, Sharu provides a drug-free high that has been making crowds shake their chakras all the while chanting the codes of light, love and the divine

Duke Mushroom – Producer, Composer, Percussionist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Visionary and Friend… David “Duke Mushroom” Schommer`s quest has been to explore this vast world of musical connectivity. Drawing from the Musics, Musicians and the instruments of all cultures, his Album projects and business ventures have been an Organic response to what has been created honestly: Music manifested from the Heart with the intention of uplifting the vibration of the planet.

As a percussionist, Duke has played on over 50 Albums, including Gloria Estefan, Janet Jackson, Cher, Chic, Ministry and Carole King as well as countless remixes for such notables as Erick Morillo, Rodger S, Static Revenger, Tony Moran, and Masters at Work. As a touring musician he`s graced the stage for artists as diverse as Idan Raichel Project, India`s Kailash Kher, Detroit`s Inner City, Cameroon`s Kaissa, Brazil`s Davi Vieira/Forro in the Dark and countless others. Duke was also part of the 1st US cast of STOMP, launching the show in NYC in `93 then and continuing to perform in over 850 Shows Worldwide..

Duke started playing over DJ`s in the early 90`s


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