GuruGanesha Band: Live In Concert by GuruGanesha Singh

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There are times when music becomes a truly transcendent experience, uniting performers and listeners in an ecstatic current of beauty and heartfelt emotion. Co-fronted by mantra music patriarch/guitarist/singer/songwriter GuruGanesha and gifted newcomer Paloma Devi, GuruGanesha Band rapturously spans multiple generations and a multitude of musical styles—from deeply meditative musical compositions that unfold like lotus petals to full-on bhakti rock and roll.

These live recordings have an incredible energy that makes them delightfully different from the studio recordings.

Credits: GuruGanesha … vocals, electric guitar Paloma Devi……. vocals Sat Kartar Singh… vocals, acoustic guitar Gurusangat Singh…vocals, electric bass Hans Christian….. cello, sitara, saranghi, nickelharpa Tripp Dudley……. drums, tablas

Produced by Hans Christian and GuruGanesha Recorded by Hans Christian Executive Producer GuruGanesha

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