A Thousand Suns – The Single by GuruGanesha Singh

once in a while an album comes along that elevates the world devotional music genre to new heights—propelling sacred mantras beyond the yoga studio and onto the international stage, where kirtan can proudly take its place alongside the finest pop, jazz or classical music. A Thousand Suns by the GuruGanesha Band with newcomer Paloma Devi is just such an album. Blessed with a profound sense of spiritual devotion and a high level of artistry, it is the very oceanlike nectar of infinite bliss rendered audible—an immensely satisfying and inspiring musical experience.

The message of A Thousand Suns is perhaps best encapsulated in the title track’s simple, repeated refrain: “Open your heart.” Confronted with such musical majesty, how could we do otherwise? “Can you feel it?” asks the next line. How could we possibly not?

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