People of Love by GuruGanesha BandGuruGanesha Singh

At a time where the consciousness of much of the planet is plunged into chaos, darkness and confusion, the GuruGanesha Band heeds the higher call and delivers us seven new songs of transformational “Bhakti Infused Rock” with their new album “People Of Love”.


This uniquely “adventurous ensemble” and their alchemy of upliftment that successfully blends authentic heart awakening sacred mantras intertwined with guitar solo jams that are right in step with any group on the Bonaroo or Lockn’ Fest stage influenced by the legacies of Jerry Garcia and Duane Allman.

Released in the aftermath of Garcia’s 75th Birthday, this new album is a collection that enables, empowers and inspires the reclaiming of our divine birthright to FEEL GOOD, move our bodies and attune our spirits!

These songs are a message of hope, a call to sanity and a reinvestment in our faith in the Divine Presence. From the opening intricate groovy guitar work of the title track to the sublime re-imagining of the Sikh mantra “Aad Guray Nameh” to the single “The Soul Within” which calls us out to align with our true identity and sacred self.

The album furthers ahead with more essential mantras in the Sikh tradition cloaked in percussive vibrations that Dave Matthews Band fans would enjoy and goes on to take us on tabla swells with life affirming messages like “love is the light in the dark”. The collection closes with a song that would be right at home on the next Crosby Stills & Nash recording and climaxes in a mashup with the heart expanding and popular chant “ Long Time Sun”.

And as the lyrics in the collection’s final song “Troubled Times” say:
“In this troubled time we look to find the way”
“Can we live for each other. Come together for each other.”

The GuruGanesha Band has offered us a light on the path. May we receive it and dance all the way home back to our awaiting hearts.

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