Jewels of Silence by AshanaThomas Barquee

Meditation music unlike any you have ever heard,
“Jewels of Silence: meditations on the chakras for voice and crystal singing bowls” quiets the mind and gently carries you into a state of deep rest and relaxation … to the very center of stillness within your being.

Divinely inspired, transcendent music for healing, meditation, and deep relaxation, “Jewels of Silence” is an incomparably beautiful recording of great depth and exquisite sensitivity. Perfect music for the journey within … for prayer, yoga, reiki, bodywork and rest, “Jewels of Silence” features Ashana`s angelic vocal improvisations, crystal bowl playing and the vocal and keyboard artistry of Thomas Barquee, accompanied by bansoori flute, esraj and santoor.

With each successive track, the listener floats into deeper and deeper states of profound relaxation. The exquisite music, accompanied by the constant droning of the crystal bowls, clears, balances and activates the lower and upper chakras, up to and including the 18th chakra, and shifts brainwave patterns almost immediately into alpha, theta or delta states, quieting the mind and supporting meditation, rest and dreaming.

Experience the healing sounds of this divine music …

– to deepen your prayer and meditation practices
– as an accompaniment to yoga, massage, bodywork and alternative healing modalities
– to relieve insomnia and sleep disorders
– to relieve anxiety, fear, stress, worry and depression
– during pre- and post-surgical experiences
– to heighten creativity and inspiration

Ashana`s inspiration for Jewels of Silence came from years of Crystal Bowl Sound and Light Healing Ceremonies. These ceremonies weave together prayer, guided visualization, color, toning, mantra and crystal singing bowls into a journey of light and sound through the seven main energy centers in the body, commonly known as the chakras, moving upwards from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

The heart of each piece in Jewels of Silence is the timeless, hypnotic drone of alchemy crystal singing bowls. These drones were played and intoned with sacred chant and mantra. Beginning with the root chakra in the tonality of C and ending at the crown, in the tonality of B, the pieces move sequentially up the seven main chakras, through the seven degrees of the western musical scale. To deepen the meditative and healing effects, each piece also features seed sounds, or bija mantras, that are associated with the chakras.

Bija mantras are one syllable mantras that have no translation and carry great spiritual power. The bija mantras intoned on Jewels of Silence are vowel sounds that can help activate, clear and balance the chakras, resulting in an overall increased feeling of peace and well-being. Because of the nature of crystal to amplify and transmit energy, when these mantras are chanted with the crystal singing bowls with intentions of healing and devotion, their effect is significantly increased and intensified.

For those of you who would like to chant along with the CD, here are the names of the bija mantras with their corresponding chakra and tonality, and a simple description of the key qualities traditionally associated with each chakra.

Track Name Chakra Quality Tone Bija Mantra
1. Heart of Gaia Root SecurityGrounding C Uh
2. Still Light on Water Sacral CreativityFlow D Oo
3. Soulmerge Solar Plexus IdentityCourage E Oh
4. Hymn Heart LoveCompassion F Ah
5. Canticle of Light Throat CommunicationTruth G Ay
6. Vision Third Eye IntuitionVision A Ee
7. Sanctus Crown Oneness,Divine Wisdom B Ng or Silence

The beautiful crystal bowls that you hear are alchemy bowls that have been infused with precious minerals and gemstones, have a transcendent, luminous sound, rich with musical overtones, and their presence deeply enhances the healing and calming effects of the music. On Jewels of Silence, the following alchemy bowls are played, both as drones and chimes:Laughing Buddha (Iron); Aqua Gold, Mother of Platinum, Platinum, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Moldavite, Indigo (Vanadium), Indium, Ocean Gold and Amethyst.

For more information on the crystal singing bowls and their use in healing and meditation practices, visit If you would like to have a deeper experience of the crystal bowls, or if you are a practitioner who would like to incorporate the crystal bowls into your yoga and healing practice, Ashana is available to personally design and select a custom Master Alchemy Bowl Set for you that will help to realign, clear and balance the energy of the physical and energetic bodies and support you in connecting to the light of your Highest, most beloved Self. Email Ashana at:


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