Shuniya by Ajeet Kaur

Shuniya Healing Chants & Meditations: An Album and Meditation Manual Set


shuniya-3d-renderTake a journey into the ancient sound current of the Himalayas, Shiva’s chant of life and death, honored throughout the lineages of yoga and meditation. Explore a collection of kriyas and meditations with the soulful and powerful Maha Mrityunjai Mantra, a song of renewal and transformation. Each moment brings an experience of birth, life and death. Shiva’s chant is a pathway to let go, and find a deep sense of peace within every ebb and flow.


This music and meditation set includes an album of original music from Ajeet Kaur as well as a beautiful 60-page meditation manual with 8 powerful meditations to be practiced with the Maha Mrityunjai Mantra. Ajeet Kaur spent years researching these meditations from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and many have never been shared in print before. The manual includes in depth instructions accompanied by beautiful photos of Ajeet Kaur demonstrating the kriyas. Join Ajeet Kaur for an exploration of this deep and profound practice.


Chants Included:
Maha Mrityunjai Call to Shiva
Adi Shakti Invoke the Divine Feminine
Ra Ma Da Sa For Healing

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